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Our partners


BV Limburg

BV Limburg is a cooperation of companies, government, institutions and citizins, that sustainably invests in cultural products and projects in Limburg and its society. BV Limburg derives from the cultural biography of Limburg. The cultural biography forms the life story of the province and its cities. This biography is something that has grown and continuous to grow throughout history.



The 'Polfermolen"in Valkenburg aan de Geul is a place where everything is possible. Here you can find swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness rooms, saunas, sport facilities, a theater, brasserie, sports café and much more. People from all ages, both individually or in groups, can fully enjoy sportive activities and invigorating relaxation in this multifunctional center.


Houben Souren Verhuur

Houben Souren rental is the specialist in the field of audiovisual media. The team of experienced specialists has built a business model based on trust: serving first, earning later.


Maurer United

Maurer United is an innovative architectural firm, run by Marc and Nicole Maurer. Operating internationally, Maurer United, has already won several prizes for cooperative work. As an architectural firm, they strive to explore the boundaries of architectural design.