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Rendez-Vous in the Municipal caves
Shelter through the ages

The tour guides of Rendez-Vous offer a themed 'shelter through the ages' tour through the Municipal caves in Valkenburg.

During this guided tour (1,5 hours), you will discover the underground world of the Municipal caves. But not in the usual way! This tour focusses on the Municipal cave as a hiding place, as local people have used the marl corridors for centuries in wartime.

This new thematic tour takes you back in time chronologically. During this trip, we will visit a nuclear bomb shelter dating back to the Cold War, hiding areas from the Second World War and a chapel from the French Revolution.

Guided tours can be booked on request, with a minimum of 6 people. For individual visitors, there are individual tours a number of times per month.

Summer offer

During the summer period (Saturday11 July to Sunday 30 August), we offer walk-in tours: every Saturday and Sunday at noon (12:00) and 3:00 PM.


Evening tours

In summer we also offer an evening tour on Friday (17 July up to and including 28 August). The evening tour starts at 7:45 PM


Prices and info Summer action

The prices for the tours mentioned above are: €11,50 for adults and € 8,- for children from 4 to 12 years old. There is no need to make reservations for these tours. You can buy your tickets at the 'Rendez-Vous' in the Municipal cave box office, next to the entrance of the Municipal caves.