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About Cave Experience - Municipal Cave Valkenburg

The Cave Experience

Part 1:     The guided tour

Discover the oldest marl cave in the Netherlands and immerse yourself in a spectacularly new world underground.

Your tour starts with a guided tour by train or on foot, during which the guide will tell you more about the origins and history of the Municipal caves.
During your tour you will pass mural paintings, plaques, sculptures and shelters dating back to the cold war.


Part 2:     The light show

Next, you will end up amidst a light and sound spectacle. There are two light shows to choose from:

1. I want my MTV: Enjoy your favorite animated videos, projected onto the high cave walls.
Together with the great sound, this is a real spectacle for every music lover.

2. Cave Art: The oldest forms of art known to mankind, made by our ice age ancestors, are projected onto walls of the Municipal caves. 30.000-year-old artworks will literally come to life.
A must-see for the art admirer.




Het samenspel van natuur en cultuur aangevuld met een verbeeldende verteltechniek vormt een uniek verhaal, een totaal nieuwe beleving. *grot is eigenlijk een groeve