Cave Experience | This is what our guests at the Cave Experience thought

What do our guests think?


These are our guests’ experiences:

Djel & Trudy

“An amazing light show combined with music and wonderfully varied with old and new themes about creation and life. Fantastic!”

Van Pot Family

“The light show is a special and beautiful experience The different elements in it truly make it a unique experience.”.”

Metha & Wouter

Beautiful light show I find that the large projections onto the cave are very beautiful and it’s lovely that you can walk through them. It feels like you become a part of them. Wonderful initiative!”

Smolders-Jacobs-Jespers Family from Dessel/Retie (Belgium)

Very beautiful cave in combination with the show. Admire this other world and forget about the busy life up there for a moment.”

Louis, Nancy, Lieze, Lenn and grandpa

“It was a lot of fun and very nice.

Mart & Ben Nijboer

Roman light show could be improved by emphasizing the Roman aspect, via battles, emperors etc

Olga, Herman and Alessandra from Amsterdam

“It was a lot of fun and also very beautiful, but quite cold.”

Joyce & Ramon

“Very special experience with art. You feel like the art comes alive. It was very emotional. The combination with the music was perfect! Well done!”

Remco & Liduina

“A very special experience with art and culture, , the changing colours of the light and figures.”

Brinkman Family from Doorn

“The light show was great! Beautiful in combination with the music. Well done!”

Karen en Kristian

“Special experience, never seen anything like it before. The light/film elements in combination with the music make you feel very special. Definitely worth a visit!”

Ria & Renaud Moors

“Very special changes in set-up, beautiful shadows.”

Nikki, Pixie, Andreas and Thalita Hesse

“We loved the light show and it was very interesting.”

Bo en Jan

“Very beautiful, did not know how the cave was created. Very good guide. Thank you for the warm welcome.”