Cave Experience | Old Hickory Shelter night


Old Hickory Shelter night


Old Hickory Shelter night

75 years ago, Limburg was liberated.
In those days, our caves were of vital importance to the inhabitants of Limburg. The caves hold a lot of stories.

To commemorate that, we offer you the unique opportunity to spend the night at the Municipal Cave (‘Gemeentegrot’) Cave Experience, where you will be sleeping in the original beds in the air-raid shelter. Experience a fraction of what the hiding inhabitants had to go through 75 years ago…

The evening starts with an experience-oriented guided tour by Rendez-Vous inside the Municipal Cave (‘Gemeentegrot’). This tour (on foot) will lead you along the most interesting relics from various times of war through the centuries.

The night ends with an overnight stay in one of the cave chambers. Experience the special and characteristic elements of the cave: sound, temperature, darkness and humidity.

Finally, the next day, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared in an original soup kitchen and served in a cool army tent. Obviously, there will be no TV or Wi-Fi (or any other network connections). There will be no bath or shower either, but there will be a toilet. Are you ready to go back in time 75 years?

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