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BV Limburg

BV Limburg is a cooperation between companies, the government, institutions and civilians, which invests in Limburg society in a durable way with concrete, cultural products and projects. BV Limburg follows from the cultural biography of Limburg, the life story of respectively the province and the city. This biography has been growing through history.


The Polfermolen in Valkenburg aan de Geul is the one place where you can do anything. Here, you will find swimming pools, an ultramodern fitness, a sauna, a theatre hall, a brasserie, a sports café and much more. At this multifunctional centre in Valkenburg aan de Geul, anyone, young and old, individually or in a group, can fully enjoy a sports effort and/or some refreshing relaxation.

Houben Souren Verhuur (rental)

Houben Souren Verhuur (rental) is thé specialist in the field of audiovisual media. A team of experienced specialists are the core of this company. Their motto ‘serve first, earn later’, is the basis for a business model based on trust.

Maurer United.

Maurer United. is an architectural firm that is internationally known. Marc & Nicole Maurer lead this innovative architectural firm. Maurer United. more than once received prizes for cooperative work. As architectural firm, they strive to explore the boundaries of the architectural design field.

Wij zijn Valkenburg

“Wij zijn Valkenburg” is a provider of group and business arrangements in Valkenburg and has a well-arranged platform where you can go for a single activity, a full-day program or several fully catered days. Together we offer a number of great packages for the cave. For more info:


De Cave Experience was established in cooperation with:

Municipality of Valkenburg
Museum van Bommel van Dam
Stichting Glow